About Red-Letter Press

Red-Letter Press owner Jack Kreismer is a born procrastinator, truly a man whose time has never come. Combine that with his nature’s calling, a penchant for bathroom reading, and you have the #1 and #2 ingredients for the foundation of a company destined to be the life of the potty in the publishing world.

One day way back when (1979, to be precise), Jack was in the bathroom on the seat of learning when an inspiration came to him- a handbook for those who are late for everything, The Procrastinator’s Perpetual Planner. But that would just have to wait. Another idea for a “write-in” book hit him- a register for visitors to the best seat in the house. And so The Bathroom Guest Book was born. 

In the years to follow, a Bathroom Library evolved, millions of books were sold and many other light-hearted series of books were created. 

As for The Procrastinator’s Perpetual Planner- it’s coming soon.