Laugh Your A** Off

Good News/Bad News

OK, the bad news first. After 40 years of uninterrupted publishing, Covid-19 has done a number on us. As a result, our lighthearted collection of books is temporarily unavailable.

Now the good news! We will be back up and running in late spring of 2021. Look for an assortment of novelty books as well as new titles to our best-selling series of books from The Bathroom Library to Santa’s favorite quiz books, Stocking Stumpers.  

For more information, please contact us at

Meanwhile, be happy, healthy and safe!

Need a hearty workout? Try a hearty-har har. It’s no joke that 15 minutes of good guffawing burns up 40 calories. That's why we jam-packed Laugh Your A** Off with rib-ticklers, gut-busters and belly laughs- a collection of gags to tone up your buns with tons of fun!

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