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"A bathroom reader is like royalty. They both occupy the throne for long periods of time."

So says Jack Kreismer, president of Red-Letter Press, publisher of The Bathroom Library and chief tub-thumper of National Bathroom Reading Month, which begins its 20th annual movement December 1st.

Kreismer maintains that the bathroom should be ballyhooed as the foremost seat of learning. He adds, "Parents and educators ask, 'Why can't Johnny read?' - I ask, 'Why can't they read in the johnny?'"

As a lifetime bathroom user, Kreismer feels it is his nature's calling to promote America's favorite reading room. With that in mind, his company's books hit the nail on the proverbial showerhead. There are six brand new titles in The Bathroom Library: The Bathroom Super Bowl Book, Sports Quiz, Baseball, Game, Trivia, and Joke Books.

This commodious collection of ridiculously elegant books has sold more than three million copies, "proof of the pudding," says Kreismer, "that we're not all wet about National Bathroom Reading Month."

Jack Kreismer's Top Ten Reasons Why People Read In The Bathroom

#10- more socially acceptable than yodeling 
#9- promotes better posture than Barcaloungers 
#8- tank-top tailor-made for bookrack 
#7- no pain-in-the-butt librarian "sssshhhhsshing" you 
#6- kills two birds with one kidney stone 
#5- elastic band around ankles increases blood supply to eyballs 
#4- usually no stranger reading over your shoulder 
#3- keeps mind off irrational fear of snakes inhabiting plumbing fixtures 
#2- unlike reading at the beach, involves no deadly cosmic rays 
And the #1 reason why people read in the bathroom - good supply of 2-ply bookmarks always close at hand

Contact: Jack Kreismer
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